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Adoption, Ohio Forms

Amortizer, Mortgage & Loan

Bankruptcy, Official Forms

Business Dissolution Kit, Ohio

Child Support, Revised Ohio Guidelines

Cuyahoga County Probate Forms

Deed & Document Pro, Ohio

Family Law Practitioner's Apprentice, Ohio

Franklin County Probate Forms

Hamilton County Probate Forms

HUD/CFPB Forms - Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure

Living Trust & Estate Planner

Loan Amortizer

Minor's Claims & Wrongful Death, Ohio

Office Management, Law

Ohio Business Forms

Ohio Estate Tax

Ohio Fiduciary Tax - IT1041

Ohio Guardianship Forms

Ohio Probate Forms

Spousal Support/Alimony, Ohio

Uniform Domestic Relations Forms

U.S. Estate Tax

U.S. Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

U.S. Gift Tax

U.S. Income Tax for Estates & Trusts

Worker's Compensation, Ohio




Version 2.01 - Correct splash screen; fix automatic update function (Version 2.00 users will need to use the manual upgrade function on Help menu); increase trapping for illegal entries and associated error messages. Version 2.02 & 2.03 - Add missing schedule.rtf and schedule.dat files to installation (corrects error on Display Schedule). Version 2.04 - Minor rounding deviations occurring in displayed schedule not affecting base calculation. 
Basic Ohio Probate Forms



Version 7.01 - Initial release. Version 7.02 - Modify Installshield Registry setup. Version 7.03 - Minor format change to Form 2.1 input screen; enable Main Window context menu; adjust InstallShield default directory parameters. Version 7.04 - Fix bulk printing issue with Form 24.4; disable rounding throughout program; suppress zeros on Forms 24.4 and 24.5. Version 7.05 - Update Forms 12.0 and 12.1; fix Form 7.0 display error. Version 7.06 - Add locator for Create ET8 directory. Version 7.07 - Additional changes to new Form 12.0; printer compatibility adjustment; remove system menu from Main Window to prevent access violation. Version 7.08 - Minor formatting changes to PSF screen files. Version 7.09 - Update Form 24.0; checkboxes 2. Establish minimum column width for all worksheets . Version 7.10 - Programming maintenance; change IO Types (3) for certain Form 24.0 fields; reformat Insolvency Schedule 24.4 & 24.5; Form 6.1 ( Front) - correct viewing error. Version 7.11 - Fix Forms 24.0 and 24.4; reformat all RTF pages. Version 7.12 - refine RTF printed form templates. Version 7.13 - Enable override function;  slight bottom margin adjustment for printing;  minor formatting changes to avoid wrapping. Version 7.14 - Adjust override function; modify line calculation on Form 24.4/24.5 3; enable applicant/fiduciary signature line Form 24.5.  Version 7.15 - Enable Form 13.0 checkboxes. Version 7.16 - Fix variable class on Form 3774 eliminating Str2Float error. Version 7.17 - Fix variable class on Form 4.0 back (checkbox persistency); add page up/down key functionality to scrolling windows. Version 7.18 - Allow zero value expenses on accounting (13.1). Version 7.19 - Update Fiduciary's Acceptance form. Note this is a non-standard, generic form. Your county's form may differ slightly. Check any differences. Version 7.20 - Revise Form 12.0 to print on one page;  add bulk erase to worksheets (excepting kin worksheet);  fix time worksheet column width defaults. Version 7.21 - Hint correction on Kin Worksheet; enable print/send toolbar button for worksheets; fix Date field on Time/Services worksheet; adjust column widths for Time/Services worksheet; enable overriding via popup menu; revise DisplayPage routine for embedded panels. Version 7.22 - Modify memory management; remove scaling. Version 7.23 - Implement transfer of creditor name, address, etc. from the Kin Worksheet to the Expense Worksheet for completing Insolvency Schedule of Claims (Form 24.4); fix send/print Kin Worksheet to word processor function;  update Form 12.0 insolvent estate language in printout ; x typo in Form 12.0 insolvent estate screen layout. Version 7.24 - Fix field type of notary day field on Affidavit of Domicile. Version 7.25 - Correct 3103 error message related to $40T limit on autos transferred to spouse; adjust date line width on Form 6.0, page 2 . Version 7.26 - Update Standard Probate Forms 12.0 and 12.1. Version 7.27 - Correct date line of Certificate of Transfer Form 12.1. Version 7.28 - Correct minor typo in Next of Kin hint for 1.0 button; fix testate/intestate checkbox behavior on Form 12.1; modify screen width for better tree view width on larger monitors. Version 7.29 - Update Forms 7.0 and 7.0(A); effective June 1, 2014. Version 7.30 - Minor date-handling changes; modification to age calculation on Form 7.0(A); clarification to date entry prompting on Gen Info Wrksht. Version 7.31 - Template reformatting for greater printing compatibility with Win8; adjust age calculation on Form 7.0(A). Version 7.32 - Correct minor typo in Form 12.0. Version 7.33 - Minor Windows 8 printing compatibility tweak. Version 7.34 - Fix for missing asset voucher nos on Form 13.1; initial code signing. Version 7.35 - Add the Wood Co address clause to Form 4.0 side 2; add the Wood Co address clause to Form 5.0 side 1; add ability to set WordPad margins for users w/o MS Word.  Version 7.36 - Add Microsoft authorized secure code signing; correct revision date on Form 7.0(A) (for screen PSF only; RTF p/o was always correct); move Form 45(D) CPID form on Display menu & tree view; clarify 2140 error message & move routine for non-standard windows installations. Version 7.37 - Correct typo on back side of Form 5.1 (screen only); add subtotal of Estimated Payments to Form 24.4; transfer form 24.2 date/time to subsequent notices. Version 7.38 - Correct category (3) estimated payment total in insolvency Form 24.4. Version 7.39 - Enable override function from Option menu. Version 7.40 - Randomize file name in send''s creation file routine; add cleanup routine for deleting temporary files created when sending files to the word processor. Version 7.41 - Remove incorrect statutory reference in Form 6.2 (RTF & PSF); add missing words to Form 4.4; update Form 3.0 (3/1/2017). Version 7.42 - Enable paging buttons for Form 24.4. Version 7.43 Correct typographical error in Form 3.0. Version 7.44 - Statutory update, Forms 5.1 and 6.0.
Cuyahoga County Probate Forms



Version 4.00 - Initial Release. Version 4.01 - Test auto update version. Version 4.02/4.03 - Add missing defaults to create answer; answer.pas; TAnswer.Create; i.e., NoOfCommRep := 0; fix import function of Time/Services Worksheet. Version 4.04 - Statutory update of Forms 5.1 and 6.0. Version 4.05 - Add and modify Display menu items; add Form 5.9 Distribution Date field to Asset Worksheet.
Deed & Document Pro



Version 6.01 - Test auto update function. Version 6.02 - Durable power of attorney, living will declaration, and surviving spouse affidavit template and app modifications. Version 6.03 - Enable Display menu for low resolution monitors. Version 6.04 - Correct auto-completion of Trustee in Revocable Trust; adjust top margins of recordable instruments. Version 6.05 - Update check/fix Quit-Claim template. Version 6.06 - Update check/fix Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit. Version 6.07 - Fix history list; modify statutory section reference in durable power of attorney. Version 6.08 - Correct agent's signature line on power of attorney form.
Family Law Practitioner's Apprentice



Version 2.01 - 1. Update all worksheets; Version 2.02 - Change Separation Agreement Wizard to remove child questions; change all document routines to allow "zero" (no) dates. Version 2.03 - Fix Dissolution J/E wizard to avoid error for certain input. Version 2.04 - Main Window scroll to top; trap for illegal RTF characters in Asset Worksheet Description box; trap for pages with no input fields; update InstallShield Wizard for Vista/7. Version 2.05 - Trap for deleting the last record in a table; move registry entries to HKEY_CURRENT_USER; fix transfer of information to Clerk of Court's Instructions for Service. Version 2.06, 2.07 - Fix calculation on Pretrial Statement; adjust page 1 fields. Version 2.08 - Smooth progress bar; update version checking algorithm; modify screen refresh; fix transferor on Date field of Instructions for Service; minor reformatting of Private Health Insurance questionnaire. Version 2.09 - Fix overrideable field defaults on Financial Disclosure Affidavit. Version 2.10 - Correct affiant's signature on Defendant's Motion to Show Cause; begin code signing. Version 2.11 - Change document caption from "Shared Parenting Plan" to "Standard Visitation Guidelines"; remove layout dots from the upper left corner of document templates. 
Franklin County Probate Forms



Version 8.01 - Test automatic upgrade. Version 8.02 - Insert missing PSF files into InstallShield; add Form 2.D to calculation routine; correct identity for "domiciled" field of Form 4.5. Version 8.03 - Add computation of executor fee to calc list. Version 8.04 - Correct typo in Form 13.0 category.  Version 8.05 - Worksheet draw cell color correction in Mac version; FitText adjustment for lines with CRs; Mac formatting adjustments; correction for Mac 1701 error. Version 8.06 - Fix checkboxes on Forms 12.0 and 12.1; correct typo on Form 12.0. Version 8.07 - Modify column graphics of Time/Services Worksheet. Version 8.08 - Kin worksheet Form 6.0 checkbox correction; add worksheet last row delete protect.
Hamilton County Probate Forms



Version 2.01 - Automatic version upgrade. Version 2.02 - Update About dialog; enable Exit command on File menu. Version 2.03 - Update Forms 12.0 and 12.1. Version 2.04 - Update forms; code signing. 




Version 4.00 - New forms effective 8/1/15. Version 4.01 - Test automatic update function. Version 4.02 - New ErrorWindow routine with overriding provisions; correct field variables on GFE. Version 4.03 - Prohibit rounding of short dollar amounts. Version 4.04 - Remove overrideables from seller's column of HUD-1. Version 4.05 - Fix corrupt RTF file for printing page 1 of Closing Disclosure. Version 4.06 - Remove memory leak test results; default HUD 1 division of commission to Seller's column; Loan ID transferring to Closing Disclosure. Version 4.07 - Make Closing Disclosure overrideables optional; default HUD 1 division of transfer taxes (1204 & 1205) to Seller's column; parse names for multiple buyers & sellers; default signature date from closing date field. Version 4.08 - Implement V4.07 changes; HUD 1A - 3rd address line in print/preview. Version 4.09 - Enable section M of Closing Disclosure. Version 4.10 - Adjust treatment of HUD1 lines 1204/1205; remove Seller 1201/1203 values to GFE; enable printing of HUD1 Seller only copy in legal size. Version 4.11 - Activate HUD1 lines 904/905. Version 4.12 - Cosmetic modifications to RTF print templates; explanation dialog added to LE2CD button action; error messages for using both normal and alternate CD page 2; correct seller only printout of CD. Version 4.13 - Modify calculation of HUD1, Page 2, Series 1000. Version 4.14 - Enable previewing of Form 1099S. Version 4.15 - Recompile print template for 2-column Closing Disclosure, page 1. Version 4.16 - Change Closing Disclosure, page 3, line K03 to include Lender Credits; add Mac OSX Office 365 recognition. Version 4.17 -  Add signature lines to all versions of Closing Disclosure, page 5; correct loan id field on Closing Disclosure, page 5; fix Closing Disclosure page 4, AIR table; include extended Closing Disclosure, page 2 in page 3, line K03. Version 4.18 - Fix access violation when printing; minor modifications to variable types on CD, pg 2; RTF formatting adjustments. Version 4.19 - Enable p/o of two CFPB Closing Disclosure p4 escrow descriptions.

Law Office Management



Version 5.01 - Modify auto upgrade function; fix BBase5 file autoload function. Version 5.02 - Fix help file links and manual; timer link. Version 5.03 - Adjust BillB5 paths to avoid file not found errors on certain systems when printing bills. Version 5.04 - Fix itemized statement function; add Set Default Hourly Rate to Options menu. Version 5.05 - Fix itemized statement delete function; add menus; add trapping. Version 5.06 - Avoid BillB5 print error on reinstalls. Version 5.07 - BillB5: Automatic backup for itemized statements; fix calculation of total hours on itemized statements; add horizontal space to bill address areas; CBase5: Remove memMemo label from memo component; address issues related to mem file synch errors. Version 5.08 - CBase5: Fix Select All/None commands to eliminate invalid pointer error; modify Restore command. Version 5.09 - CBase5: Fix Show/Hide Column function; add accelerator commands for; additional mods to backup/restore. Version 5.10 - BillB5 - Clear bill image between successive bills to prevent overprinting. Version 5.11 - CBase5: Don't find deleted records; skip deleted records when scrolling; modify Pack function; avoid errors deleting multiple records. Version 5.12 - CBase5: Fix auto client numbering whebn adding more than 100 names in a day; fix exporting filtered names; fix filter restoring deleted names . Version 5.13 - BBase5 - Stop accessing deleted CBase5 records; fix cancel filter from undeleting records; BillB5 - Stop accessing deleted CBase5 & BBase5 records. Version 5.14 - BillB5: add traps for missing itemized statements; fix bill repeat on periodic billing; add client name to itemized statement. Version 5.15 - All: Add Registry persistency for updating; BillB5: Fix deleted itemized statement entries appearing in bills. Version 5.16 - CBase5: Start new range error fix; BBase5: Present windows on last entry, sort filter client number drop down, expand file exists filename definition. Version 5.17 - CBase5: Add memolist error trapping; BBase5: Improve auto completion; BillB5: Alphabetize client selector drop down; set active control in client drop down; credit balance designation; add shorthand feature; modify import calendar function of itemized statement. Version 5.18 - BillB5: retain itemized statement references after period printing. Version 5.19 - BillB5: Fix deleted IS from bill totals; sorting by last name after save. Versions 5.20/5.21 - BillB5: Fix deleted IS from bill totals; changing bill labels to reflect "credit" balances. Version 5.22 - CBase5: Fix laser label printing function. Version 5.23 - BillB5: Modify calendar backup/restore function. Version 5.24 - BillB5: Note persistency between successive periodic billing files; BBase5: Populate account field on new records from history. Version 5.25 - BillB5: Correct calculation of interest on unpaid bills. 
Living Trust & Estate Planner



Version 3.01-3.05 - Auto update test. Version 3.06 - Modify nomination of guardian clause in power of attorney; allow overriding of testator in pour over will.
Official Bankruptcy Forms



Version 9.00 - Initial release with new forms effective 12/1/2015. Version 9.01 - Test automatic upgrade function. Version 9.02 - Correct typographical error on Schedule A/B, page 7. Version 9.03 - Correct calculation of Form 122C-2, line 33c. Version 9.04 - Correct calculation of Form 106Sum, line 8. Version 9.05/9.06 - Form 106A/B, page 8, line 37, enable checkboxes; include Form B2030 to form set; add Creditors matrix as PDF option. Version 9.07 - Restoration/consolidation of prior updates; minor display formatting adjusts for Mac OSX. Version 9.08 - Correct typographical errors in Schedule J & Statement of Affairs (display only). Version 9.09 - More Mac display screen adjustments; Form 122A-1 typo. Version 9.10 - Fix broken link in Display menu (Sched E/F, Nonpriority Creditor, Add; final OSX screen modifications. Version 9.11 - Add copy/paste creditor functionality (Schedules D, E & F); add tool bar buttons and sliders; fix matrix building routine. Version 9.12 - Recompilation to avoid access violations on certain print jobs. Version 9.13 - Remove ghost prompt from 122C-1; state field; remove "/S/" from empty debtor field; add features: auto tab single character fields; transfer date to B2030 Disclosure; add short cuts for all Add Continuation commands;  transfer Schedule AB property to Schedule C; fix total creditor/assets count; fix creditor matrix in pdf view. Version 9.14 - Fix popup menu; add Mac OSX Office 365 recognition; enable Add Creditor button in Master Creditor window; correct typo in Statement of Affairs, Question 9, (screen only); adjust to allow for zero values without suppression; add alphabetize creditor function; change rounding on Schedule I, line 8(h); update help files; add Cut Creditor function. Version 9.15 - Update federal exemption files. Version 9.16/9.17 - Avoid access violation on alphabetize; set backfill on Exemption windows to white; trap error on Exemption window cancel. Version 9.18 - Add function for copying Schedule A/B property information to Schedule C. Version 9.19 - Change character of auto-state field in means tests; modify default checkbox location behavior on certain forms; enlarge item number field of Schedules. Version 9.20 - Update copyright info; update installation routine; unlock ri. Version 9.21 - Modify toolbar button layout to avoid overlapping labels; add standard copy/paste items to the context menus; fix Exempt Property toolbar button behavior; clarify copy property to Schedule C prompts, etc. Version 9.22/9.23/9.24 - Update means test data effective 4/1/16; update Ohio exemptions; avoid false save/exit warning. Version 9.25 - Update means test data effective 5/1/16; modify Schedule E/F RTF file. Version 9.26 - Add state exemption files, etc. Version 9.27 - Make Debtor 2 copy of Form 423 persistent. Version 9.28 - Add shrink font feature; implement means test changes effective November 1, 2016. Version 9.29 - Adjust checkbox behavior on Form 122-A2, line 39/40. Version 9.30 - Add GA exemption files. Version 9.31 - Update means test effective 4/1/17. Version 9.32 - Remaining means test changes effective 5/1/17. Version 9.33 - Modify matrix preparation routine to eliminate second address line for Sched E/F Part 2.

Ohio Adoption Forms



Version 4.01 - Version test for automatic update. Version 4.02 - Enable manual & tutorial; update directory references in default locations dialog; update Form 19.0. Version 4.03 - Update caption of About dialog; modify worksheet on change behavior re: ModifiedFile flag; adjust screen set widths for better setup on a wider variety of monitors. Version 4.04 - Multiple enhancements to worksheet screen. Version 4.05 - Modify FitText for worksheet descriptions with carriage returns; minor code cleanup.  Version 4.06 - Fix for FitText unit; modify date string error trapping; update Form HEA2757 (effective 8/2015); correct typos in Form 18.9 Petitioner's Account.  Version 4.07 - Re-implement V4.06 changes; upgrade to XE7. Version 4.08 - Update Word detection routines for Windows and Mac. Version 4.09 - Update forms effective 3/1/17. Version 4.10 - Implement updated SetPageProperties routine. Version 4.11 - Add worksheet last row deletion protection.

Ohio Business Dissolution Kit



Version 2.01 - Version test for automatic update. Version 2.02 - Update About dialog caption; add co rep to directory (auto); minor adjustment to handling of checkboxes on Form 562, page 1 & Form 563, page 1.  Version 2.03 - Update Forms 560, 561 and D-5; enhanced MS Word detection; add deleting temporary file function; add Shrink Font function for better screen rendering on Macs and older computers; check menu underscores. Version 2.04 - Enable Help buttons; revise Form D-5.
Ohio Business Forms



Version 3.01 - Test auto update functionality. Version 3.02 - Update PTF print format files for Mac version.  Version 3.03 - Update Forms 560 & 561 (PSF & RTF); Word detection enhanced; add deleting temporary file function; add Shrink Font function for better screen rendering on Macs and older computers; check menu underscores. Version 3.04 - Update complete form set; update StartWordProcessor routine; correct tree view focus for Form 533B.

Ohio Estate Tax



Version 8.01 - Change handling of cotenant designations on Schedule E, Part 2. Version 8.02 - Allow non-alphabetizing of worksheets. Version 8.03 - Make corrections to Import Probate command; handling of personal identifiers. Version 8.04 - Enable paging on Form 12. Version 8.05-8.06 - Fix Schedule M, Parts 1 & 2. Version 8.07 - Modify print routine for compatibility with certain network printers; modify import probate routine for empty cotenant worksheets. Version 8.08 - Modify shrink to fit function to stabilize font size in schedules. Version 8.09 - Fix transfer of alternate value from page 2 to page 1. Version 8.10 - Reformat forms 12 & 14 for multi-line descriptions; fix Send To button for all continuation pages; allow import of empty WB6 files. Version 8.11 - Main Window scroll to top on start up; trap for illegal RTF characters in worksheet memo box; trap for no input fields on a page; clarify rounding confusion re: Sched E, Part 1. Version 8.12, 8.13 & 8.14 - Change Form 34, page 3 calculation for lines 6a-d. Version 8.15 - Trap for deleting the last record in a table; trap for importing WB6 file with no kin; automatic updating. Version 8.16 - Adjustment to the calculation of Form 34 (CAUV), page 1, Line 4(a) amount. Version 8.17 - Move registry entries to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Version 8.18 - Modification to allow importing new probate (effective 9/1/11) files. Version 8.19 - Update Form ET-2; update Form ET-24. 
Ohio Fiduciary Tax



Version 16.01 - Automatic upgrade release. Version 16.02 - Update to final versions of forms. Version 16.03 - Update PDF support files; update 2016 tax schedule; IT K-1 omission notice.
Ohio Guardianship Forms



Version 6.00 - Initial Release. Version 6.01 - Auto update test revision. Version 6.02/6.03 - Adjust default locations. Version 6.04 - Do not allow deleting last worksheet row; tables must contain at least one blank row; fix rounding of displays; allow CRs in memo fields. Version 6.05 - Reform sample and test gd6 files; update Form 17.7. Version 6.06 - Update General Information Worksheet tags. Version 6.07 - Enable Force Word, Force WordPad, and Find Word commands. Version 6.08 - Update form 17.5. Version 6.09 - Add worksheet last row deletion protection; fix Time/Services worksheet printout.
Ohio Spousal Support Calculator



Version 19.01 - Auto update test revision. Version 19.02 - Update 2017 Health & Human Services poverty guidelines information; update 2017 Ohio Department of Job & Family Services cash medical support table.l
Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines



Version 10.01 - Test for automatic version updating. Version 10.02 - Update line 8 federal dependency exemption; add short cut key combinations for menu commands. Version 10.03 - Delete temporary files on close; remove rounding. Version 10.04 - Restore default of erase obligation deviation method to effect only child support obligation and not cash medical support. Version 10.05 - Correction to child care credit calculation; adjustment to ini file affecting print function (mostly on Macs). Version 10.06 - Implement file click and load; modify calculation of flat fee processing & associated help topic. Version 10.07 - Minor change to sole/shared checkboxes behavior (calc1.pas); fix Ohio child care credit display in short form; update Ohio minimum wage to $8.15/hr; $16,952/yr; update Federal Dependency exemption; update Federal tax tables; update Federal standard deduction. Version 10.08 - Modify handling of mother's deviation checkboxes. Version 10.09 - Update for 2017 Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines. Version 10.10 - Update for 2017 ODJFS Cash Medical Support table. Version 10.11 - Change the behavior of sole/shared worksheet to add warning of $600 minimum order in shared order; remove auto correction function of sole/shared checkboxes; implement new deviation checkbox where cms=0.
Uniform Domestic Relations Forms



Version 2.01 - Auto upgrade test. Version 2.02 - update ini file references; update default location references. Version 2.03 - Update caption of set win mag dialog; fix link in Help menu for tutorial; avoid open error on certain default file client/server configurations; FitText routine fix for lines with no breaks; fix calculation error on Affidavit 1 ( wife's base income); fix calculation error in Affidavit 2; debts (secured & unsecured); fix display error in Affidavit 1 (re: Insurances). Version 2.04 - Improve MS Word installation detection; initiate code signing. Version 2.05 - Fix checkbox behavior on pg8 of Separation Agreement. Version 2.06 - Adjust WordPad self-setting margins; various formatting &, field ID changes to Shared Parenting Plan. Version 2.07 - Revise certificate of service on Affidavit 5; change behavior of minor children checkbox on Affidavit 3, pg 1; change behavior of checkbox on Affidavit 3, pg 2, par 3; change behavior of Complaint for Divorce par 6, make overrideable; change behavior of checkbox in Complaint for Divorce, par 2; fix no minor children checkbox on Affidavit 5, pg 2, par 1; fix 2 typos on Affidavit 2, pg 7. Version 2.08 - Correct population of Judge/Magistrate's name field on Form 15; assure update of Maiden Name field on form 15 when checkbox is cleared; fix behavior of "no children" checkbox on form 15.  Version 2.09 - Update all forms to comply with 3/15/16 form changes; reformat all RTF files (printing templates); reformat all PSF files (screen templates); add continuation pages for separation agreement, and judgment entries. Version 2.10 - Four parenting plan corrections; order history list. Version 2.11 - Add Shrink font to Options/Tools menu; update KeyDown routine; update Word sensing procedure; modify RTF & PSF files for Forms 14 and 15; modify read only checkboxes for Forms 14 & 15. Version 2.12 - Reformat all PSF screen files. Version 2.13 - Correct calculation of separate property total on Affidavit, 2, page 5. Version 2.14 - Modification to default file to remove Form 14, Pg 2, Par 5. 'X' & '0'; update Form 16, Sec B, Par 3 on checkbox state change. Version 2.15 - Correct typo on Form 14 screen. Version 2.16 - Add access to page 3 of Form 6; hint/warning reduction pass. Version 2.17 - Add page 3 Form 6 files to build. Version 2.18 - Modify age handling routines; correct Affidavit 2, page 6, Secured Debt psf tag; add "None" to default file for appropriate Affidavit 2 fields. Version 2.19 - Add "None" to default file for Affidavit 1 in appropriate non-monetary fields; modify General Information Worksheet; modify handling of children (emancipated/disabled). Version 2.20 - modify handling of child lists. Version 2.21 - Correct minor child name and dob list on page 1 of Shared Parenting Plan.
U.S. Income Tax for Estates and Trusts - Form 1041



Version 20.01 - Auto upgrade test. Version 20.02 - Add Form 1041-V Payment Voucher; apply temporary DRAFT notice for Form 1041 signature. Version 20.03 - Update Form 1041-A; add Force commands to Options menu. Version 20.04 - Correction to calculation of Form 1041, Schedule I, Line 83. Version 20.05 - Update to final versions of Form 1041 and Form 8949; add associated IRS PDF files. Version 20.06 - Update PSF screen files to final version of Form 1041 & 8949; enable import et5 file function. Version 20.07 - modify exemption value for decedent's final returns.
U.S. Estate Tax - Form 706



For Dates of Death in 2017. Version 21.00 - Initial release. Version 21.01 - Auto upgrade test version. Version 21.02 - Update for final version IRS release of forms, schedules and instructions.

U.S. Gift Tax - Form 709



For Gifts Made in 2017. Version 21.00/21.01 - Initial release & auto upgrade test.

Wrongful Death & Minor's Claims



Version 5.00 - Initial release. Version 5.01 - Test automatic upgrade function. Version 5.02/5.03 - Adjust setup of application screen width and tree width for better viewing on all monitors. Version 5.04 - Minor program enhancements; avoid refresh/update issues. Version 5.05 - Standardize handling of ini file. Version 5.06 - Enable Form 22.1 to be previewed as a single page. Version 5.07 - Modify line breaks in memo descriptions containing carriage returns. Version 5.08/509 - Update for forms effective January 1, 2015; update for claims of adult wards; substantial programming/worksheet enhancements. Version 5.10 - Code signed; adjustment to preview/print function.

Upgrades - Free vs. Pay

The above list includes all of our current programs and contains the full product name, abbreviated name, current version and miscellaneous notes. The information contained in this list is subject to change without notice.

Minor upgrades are reflected in changes in the version number to the right of the decimal. Major upgrades usually, but not always, involve a change to the left of the decimal in the version number. Unless otherwise noted, minor upgrades are free until the release of a subsequent major upgrade. For example, upgrading from Version 5.10 to Version 5.30 of Basic Ohio Probate Forms is free. However, upgrading from Version 4.5 to Version 5 would not be free.

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