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Q.  I purchase a new computer and I can't find my disk to reinstall my Puritas Springs Software application. What should I do?

A. There's a darn good reason why you can't find your disk. Click here to find out what that reason is and how to work around it.

Q.  Preview/Print and Send to the Word Processor. What can I do if these functions do not work?

A. There are a number of reasons why your app might not be able to preview, print and send your forms to your word processor. Click here to see an article that lists the most common reasons.

Q.  I updated my probate program and now I can only print one page. What happened?

A. The Windows operating system and your printer's drivers are continually updating. Click here for an excellent solution.

Q.  I receive an error from the probate application (WBOPF7) indicating that I've sent a form to a particular probate form, but have not categorized it. How do I fix this problem?

A. We've got a step by step solution to this one. Click here to see it.

Q. I have Version 7 of the child support program and it’s not printing page 6 correctly. What’s wrong?

A. It's a somewhat problem, but we count on hearing it a few times every year. Click here for the best printing advice whether you have this problem or not.

Q.  I reinstalled and update the probate application (WBOPF7) and now I get an error every time I start it. What happened?

A. The answer is all about the Windows Registry. Click here to see it.

Q. I accidentally sorted by worksheet entries. Is there a way to undo?

A. No, but click here for an article with some handy alternative techniques that you may find even more useful.

Q. I'm having trouble installing your program, what's wrong?

A. In many instances there isn't anything wrong. Your anti-virus software or browser may be attempting to protect you from a perceived threat. In anti-virus speak it's called a "false positive" and it's quite common. Click here for an article with illustrations on how you can proceed through the installation process unfettered.

Q. How do I work around a 1327 invalid drive error when I'm installing a program?

It's a often-encountered Microsoft Installer issue. Click here for instructions on how to proceed.


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