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You may have noticed that our monthly email acquired a new look and more content. We're intending to continue the trend and hope you'll join our email list. There's no registration, just click the Join Email link above. Our email list is private and you'll get one email per month. You can unsubscribe at any time.

ABA Designates Puritas Springs as among "The Best Software and Apps for Family Lawyers"

Puritas Springs Software was recently designated by the American Bar Association as among "The Best Software and Apps for Family Lawyers." We didn't simply make the cut, we placed second among all the software companies in the United States. FinPlan placed last in the list; OhioDocs didn't even place (perhaps the child support calculator must get the right answers to qualify); and none of the Ohio companies producing child support calculation software were mentioned.

The Latest Releases

Our latest release for Windows and Mac computers is 2015 U.S. Estate Tax (Form 706). We're continuing the unification of the Windows and Mac versions to the benefit of both.

Other recent releases include: HUD, Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure Forms, Ohio Uniform Domestic Relations Forms, and Franklin County Probate Forms.

Finally. We've updated the tax demos in case you're interested. They're great fully functional look and feel demos.

Our New Web Site

With the demise of iGoogle, many of us were looking for a new home page. Of course, home pages have lost much of their significance now that multi-tabbed browsing has become the norm. Still, even if you're got one home page set to ESPN, one to the Weather channel, and one to Netflix, it's handy to have one page that's got a bit of everything. That's one of the reasons we redesigned our home page. The new home page gives you the time, date and weather, today's top news, and a bunch of links that every law office will find handy now and then. All in one place.

Our New YouTube Videos

The Child Support Training Videos

We've published Chapters 1 through 7 of our child support training videos. You can find them on YouTube by searching "Puritas Springs Software."

Click here to see Chapter 1.

Click here to see Chapter 2.

Click here to see Chapter 3.

Click here to see Chapter 4.

Click here to see Chapter 5.

Click here to see Chapter 6.

Click here to see Chapter 7.

Mac Owners

Ohio Guardianship Forms

Franklin County Probate Forms

Ohio Adoption Forms

HUD Settlement Statement, CPFB Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure Forms

2015 U.S. Estate Tax (Form 706)

2014 U.S. Gift Tax (Form 709)

2014 Ohio Fiduciary Tax (Form IT-1041)

2014 U.S. Income Tax for Estates & Trusts (Form 1041)

Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines

Uniform Domestic Relations Forms
Ohio Spousal Support Calculator
Wrongful Death & Claims of Minors
Ohio Business Forms
Ohio Business Dissolution Kit

All of the recent releases listed above run in Windows as well as the Mac. Remember, when we say our software runs on the Mac we don't mean Windows software that can run on a Mac if you own emulation software, but real honest-to-goodness native Mac software. Click the appropriate Product Information link to the left for additional information.

Note that our Mac programs require that you have Microsoft Word installed and you must be running Mac OSX Version 10.8 or better.

Our newest Mac releases and all future releases will be code-signed by Puritas Springs Software as an authorized Apple Developer.

Automatic Updates

Law offices are busy being emergency rooms for the legally injured. As a result of their hectic pace, we found that they often forgot to check for updates of their software. And that's why we've introduced automatic updating in most of our programs. Programs with this functionality check for the availability of updates when you start them up and notify you if an update is available. If it is, you may choose whether to download the update immediately or defer the download to some later date. If you choose to download immediately, the update will download and install automatically.

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