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Ohio Spousal Support Calculation

CLE Course Information Page

  • Obtain your mandatory CLE credits at home or the office.

  • Pay one-third to one-half what CLE hours normally cost.

  • Arm yourself with all the financial information necessary to advance your client's position.

  • Review the most recent Ohio case law related to spousal support.

  • Become an expert user of Ohio Spousal Support Calculator.

  • Train yourself and your staff to prepare spousal support computations in the most cost-effective manner possible.

An up-to-date, detailed explanation of Ohio's spousal support calculation narrated by Ernest F. Zore attorney and programmer of Puritas Springs Software's Ohio Spousal Support Calculator (MA_2010) and Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines (WROCSG).

This instructional web video takes you through a sample spousal support calculation with special attention to recent relevant Ohio cases. You'll also receive many helpful suggestions for using MA_2010. Whether you're new to MA_2010 or a veteran, this video has something for you.

You can view this web video at your convenience from your home or office using any computer with an internet connection.

Author & Narrator

Ernest F. Zore is an Ohio attorney who received his Bachelor of Science in 1975 from Cleveland State University, and his Juris Doctor in 1978 from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He was a practicing attorney from 1978 through 1998, and he started Puritas Springs Software in 1986. Puritas Springs Software is a software publishing company specializing in the development of legal software. Mr. Zore is the owner of over 100 copyrights on legal and tax software products (including Puritas Springs Software’s Ohio Spousal Support Calculator and Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines). He has  previously lectured for CLE programs sponsored by the Parma Bar Association, and the Ohio Trial Lawyers Association. He is also the author and narrator of the companion child support CLE course.

This video is primarily designed as an entry level course for attorneys, magistrates, and judges interested in gaining additional insight into making spousal support calculations and using Ohio Spousal Support Calculator.


Calculating spousal support can be complicated when compared to the child support calculation. For one thing, there's no statutory worksheet for performing the calculation, only a list of 14 factors to consider. To fill the void, domestic relations court magistrates and judges sometimes resort to formulas they developed personally or use software that they get for free but costs you a bundle.

Ohio Spousal Support Calculator is a powerful tool for advancing your client's case. It arms you with information that is necessary and critical for performing income equalization analysis, calculating the tax consequences of spousal support payments, and assessing spousal support awards from an ability-to-pay and needs-based perspective. In short, it's everything you'll need to support your arguments.

Are the reports designed to be presented to the court? Not really, although they can be. They're for your personal use in double-checking the court's calculation and for validating or countering opposing counsel or the court's calculus when you think it's gone astray.

 Topics Covered

Statutes, case law, and computer software operation organized according to the specific spousal support considerations codified in §3105.18 of the Ohio Revised Code. The spousal support software used in the video (Ohio Spousal Support Calculator (MA_2010)) is published by Puritas Springs Software, a company which has specialized in child support and spousal support software since 1994. Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines is used by over 100 Ohio courts, law libraries and agencies (i.e., Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Prosecutor’s Offices, Child Support Enforcement Agencies, Domestic Relations Courts, Probate Courts, and Juvenile Courts).

Background – A brief history of alimony; overview of applicable statutory and case law; introduction to MA startup and operation.

General Information – Tour of the General Information Worksheet; starting a case file; ramifications of entries in certain fields of the worksheet.

Income – Review of relevant 3105.18(C)(1) factors, recent case law, and income types: wages (importance of considering FICA and Medicare withholding), other taxable income, and non-taxable income.

Expenses – Review of relevant 3105.18(C)(1) factors, recent case law, assessing essential and non-essential living expenses in light of standard of living and ability to pay considerations.

Child Support  – Calculating child support; impact of child support payments on the alimony calculation; review of several specific line items.

Spousal Support – Review of the four spousal support reports; forcing an analysis for specific levels of spousal support; the lifestyle report.

Property & Debt – Using the Property & Debt table for drag-and-drop analysis of property divisions; Munroe appreciation calculator.

Tax Issues – Review of the reports available for assessing: who should take child dependency exemptions; what level of spousal support yields the least combined tax liability; complete state and federal tax analysis at specific levels of spousal support.

Miscellaneous - The relationship between child support and spousal support - circular references; MA's Update button;

Printed Materials

The materials listed below are provided to participants in the form of downloadable pdf files. The item marked with an asterisk (*) is a MAB file that can be downloaded and opened in MA_2010.

  • Alternative Minimum Tax Table
  • Spousal Support Cases
  • MA_2010 CLE Sample MAB File - Do not left-click on this link. Instead, right-click on it and select Save from the menu. The default location for MAB files is C:\Puritas\MA_2010\Files. After you save the file to your computer, change the name from CLE_Sample_MAB to CLE_Sample.MAB (in other words, change the second underscore to a period). After following these instructions, you should be able to open the file from MA_2010.
  • MA_2010 Complete Printout of MAB File
  • ORC 3105.171 Equitable division of marital and separate property
  • ORC 3105.18 Awarding spousal support
  • Wolfe vs. Wolfe, 46 Ohio St.2d 399 (Ohio 1976)
  • Kunkle v. Kunkle, 51 Ohio St.3d 64 (Ohio 1990)
  • Law Office Computing, Volume 2010, No. 1 (reprint) - See the article on page one titled "The Phone Call."

 Continuing Legal Education Information

OH Attorneys: This course has been approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 3.00 total CLE credit hours instruction. Important. This course qualifies as a self-study activity and participants are limited to six hours per reporting period as provided in Rule X, Section 4(A)(4) and Regulation 409.2.

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