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Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines

CLE Course Information Page

  • Obtain your mandatory CLE credits at home or the office.

  • Pay one-third to one-half what CLE hours normally cost.

  • Learn new skills for working with the child support worksheets.

  • Become an expert user of Ohio's number one child support software.

  • Train yourself and your staff to handle child support computations in the most cost-effective manner possible.

An up-to-date, detailed explanation of Ohio's child support worksheet narrated by Ernest F. Zore attorney and programmer of Puritas Springs Software's Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines (WROCSG).

This instructional web video takes you line-by-line through the child support worksheet with special coverage of cash medical support and line 27 deviation. You'll also receive many helpful suggestions for using WROCSG. Whether you're new to the worksheets or a veteran, this video has something for you.

You can view this web video at any time of your choosing from your home or office using any computer with an internet connection.

Finally, an instructional video about the child support worksheets by the guy who wrote Ohio's number one child support program.

Ernest F. Zore is an Ohio attorney who received his Bachelor of Science in 1975 from Cleveland State University, and his Juris Doctor in 1978 from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He was a practicing attorney from 1978 through 1998, and he started Puritas Springs Software in 1986. Puritas Springs Software is a software publishing company specializing in the development of legal software. Mr. Zore is the owner of over 100 copyrights on legal and tax software products (including Puritas Springs Software’s Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines). He has  previously lectured for CLE programs sponsored by the Parma Bar Association, and the Ohio Trial Lawyers Association.

This video is primarily designed as an entry level course for attorneys, magistrates, and judges interested in gaining additional insight into working with the child support worksheets and WROCSG.

 Topics Covered

Statutes, case law, and computer software operation organized according to the specific sections of the child support worksheets as codified in Chapter 3119 (Calculation of Child Support Obligation – Health Insurance Coverage). Also the child support software used in the video (Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines (WROCSG6)) published by Puritas Springs Software since 1994 and used by over 100 Ohio courts, law libraries and agencies (i.e., Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Prosecutor’s Offices, Child Support Enforcement Agencies, Domestic Relations Courts, Probate Courts, and Juvenile Courts).

Background – Overview of the child support worksheets, i.e., sole residential, shared parenting, and split parental worksheets, and general program operation.

The Caption – Names of parties, number of children, selection of parenting arrangements, designation of obligor parent.

Income – Review of the various forms of income identified by the child support worksheet with specific attention to line 1b (overtime, commissions and bonuses) and line 7b (calculation of the health insurance maximum and the relevance of the annual contributing cost differential).

Adjustments To Income – Review of the adjustments set forth by statute with specific attention to line 8 (the federal tax exemption), line 10 (comparison of present line 10 language to prior statutory versions), line 11 (nuances of calculating local income tax withholding), and line 14b (calculation of the cash medical support maximum and the part played by the U.S. Health & Human Services poverty guidelines).

When Health Insurance Is Included – Review of lines 21 through 23 covering adjustments to the child support obligation that apply when the subject children are covered by health insurance with specific attention to line 23 (non means-tested benefits).

When Health Insurance Is Not Included – Review of lines 24 through 26 covering adjustments to the child support obligation that apply when the subject children are not covered by health insurance with specific attention to line 26 (non means-tested benefits).

Deviation – Review of the statutory basis for deviating from the calculated child support amount together with a review of Ohio Supreme Court case law (Pauly and Hubin, cites omitted) and Ohio Appellate Court opinions related specifically to deviation in cases of shared parenting orders organized on a district-by-district basis).

The Final Decree – Concluding section of worksheet; specific attention given to the changed column format (from husband/wife to with/without health insurance) and comparison of the decree amounts calculated for with and without health insurance.

Printed Materials

The materials listed below are provided to participants in the form of downloadable pdf files. The two items marked with asterisks (*) are links to government web pages that contain the relevant, up-to-date pdf file; and in the case of the Revised Ohio Child Support Guidelines help file (the last item in the list below), the download is available in the form of a compiled help file (chm).

 Continuing Legal Education Information

OH Attorneys: This course has been approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on Continuing Legal Education for 1.75 total CLE credit hours instruction. Important. This course qualifies as a self-study activity and participants are limited to six hours per reporting period as provided in Rule X, Section 4(A)(4) and Regulation 409.2.

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