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Loan Amortizer 2

Here's a nifty little program that could make your life a bit easier. Our Puritas Springs Software Loan Amortizer program (PSSLA) has an all-inclusive set of features and functions:

  • Calculates loan payments from loan amount, term and interest rate data

  • Calculates loan amount from payment, term and interest rate data

  • Calculates term from loan amount, payment and interest rate data

  • Calculates interest rate from loan amount, payment and term data

  • Saves loan information to files for later review, editing and printing

  • Exports loan information and amortization schedules to your word processor for printing or pasting into contracts or other legal instruments

  • Calculates balloon payments

  • Demonstrates the impact/savings of making extra mortgage payments or amounts

Variable Solving. Attorneys who work in real estate often need to tailor loan parameters to a specific set of buyer/seller circumstances. This involves not simply calculating the payment amount, but, for instance, knowing the payment amount the parties have agreed to, adjusting the term or interest rate to coincide with agreed-to loan and payment amounts. Amortizer2 can solve for any of the four essential amortization variables, i.e., see the first four bullet points above.

Word Processor Exporting. If you're preparing real estate instruments, it's desirable and professional to include a full amortization schedule showing the varying principal and interest components of each payment, as well as the ever-changing balance. By exporting all this information to your word processor in a beautifully prepared format, you open the door for all types of additional formatting and manipulation as well as directly including the amortization schedule in your legal documents.

Balloon Payments. Law offices that prepare land contracts and purchase money mortgages often need an easy way to calculate balloon payments. Amortizer2 does this quickly and easily.

Additional Payments. Nothing is more consumer friendly and education than showing a borrower how and how much they can save by making additional payments on their mortgage. Amortizer2 puts this information at your fingertips with the click of the mouse and completing one or two additional fields.

Look and Feel. If a picture's worth 1,000 words, take a look at Amortizer2's user-friendly main window by clicking on the link below.

Click here to see the main window.

Amortization Schedule. Here's an example of our fully formatted amortization schedule.

Click here to see amortization schedule.

Product Comparison. Here's how Amortizer2 stacks up against some of the other leading loan amortizing programs.

Click here to see product comparison table.


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