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domestic relations forms

Uniform Domestic Relations Forms

When the Ohio Supreme Court published Affidavits 1 through 5 of the Uniform Domestic Relations Forms in July of 2010, it was intended that the new forms would provide attorneys with a standardized set of forms for dealing consistently with various common aspects of family law cases in different jurisdictions, i.e., information regarding health insurance, income and assets, debts and expenses, and parenting information.

When a second set of forms was published (Forms 6 through 18) in July of 2013, they were designed and provided for public rather than (or in addition to) professional use. Not just the presence of the forms on a public web site, but the Supreme Court's disclaimer suggests non-attorneys were part of the intended audience. Many domestic relations lawyers perceived these forms as a potential detriment to the practice. Regardless of whether the new Uniform Domestic Relations Forms have or will have had a negative effect on the practice of family law, we’ve heard that pro se domestic filings now outnumber those by attorneys by a factor of three or four to one.

How Can UDRF2 Help You?

Use Them. In the typical law practice, there are plenty of less complicated domestic matters the handling of which can be streamlined by using the uniform forms. It’s what the Courts are coming to be familiar with, and in some cases Magistrates and Judges themselves are using these forms to minimize paperwork when parties are not represented.

start screen

Illustration 1. Start screen with sample file loaded.

Note About The Screen Illustration

  • The above screen illustration may be heavily compressed in order to fit on your screen. On wide screen monitors at a higher resolution the illustration may render beautifully, however, if it's distorted on your screen, you may click on this PDF link for a detailed, full-size image. There's also a replica of a divorce complaint (page 1) that was completed in its entirety from the General Information Worksheet.

Here's How To Increase Your Productivity

Avoid the Math. Affidavits 1 and 2 of the uniform forms have hundreds of numeric fields that are subtotaled and totaled to determine total income, total expenses, net income, and other relevant financial data. When you use UDRF2 all the subtotaling and totaling (including continuation pages) is done automatically. Better yet, if you make a change to any of these fields, all the related dependent fields update instantly. This is the reason today's tax preparers use software. Web forms don’t do math. If clients were perfect and presented all their documentation in the first interview, form changes might not be so important. But that never happens. So when a client brings in forgotten or updated information, the dependent fields (like subtotals and totals) must be updated. UDRF2 makes it quick and easy. Just enter the change and everything else updates automatically. Ready to print in seconds.

Automate Continuation Pages. Affidavit 2 of the uniform forms has places for entering 5 items of furniture and appliances, 5 secured debts, 5 unsecured debts, and similar limits on all other financial categories. If you've got more, you'll be making up continuation schedules. In fact, there are roughly 25 separate types of continuation schedules that can be attached to the Affidavits. The court's web forms don't handle that at all - any of it. However UDRF2 can. Nearly unlimited continuation pages can be "attached" to the Affidavits, and the organization and subtotaling of their information is all handled automatically.

Once Is Enough. UDRF2 has another major league advantage over manual completion, that is entering repetitive information once (for example, the parties’ names and addresses, date of marriage, county name, case number, etc. (see the sample General Information Worksheet in the PDF file above for more examples)). All this information automatically transfers to the appropriate fields. Take a look at Form 6 – Complaint for Divorce Without Children in the PDF illustration file above. UDRF2 completed the complaint in its entirety! From the standpoint of the user, there was nothing to do except review the completed form. With the web forms, all this information must be entered manually. And again in the Separation Agreement. And again in the Judgment Entry. What a classic waste of time! UDRF2 completes nearly 1,000 fields based on your worksheet entries.

Save Everything In One File. At the end of a case, you’ve got more than one document: a complaint for divorce, a reply to a counterclaim, affidavits describing a party’s income, property, expenses and debt, health insurance affidavit, parenting affidavit, separation agreement, judgment entry, parenting plan and sometimes more. The court’s web forms can only be saved as individual files. That means your client information is scattered in a dozen different files. Easy to make mistakes. Easy to lose information. It’s more organized, more efficient, and easier for you to access one client's forms and affidavits in one file. That’s the way UDRF2 works!

Make Changes A Better Way. Changes can involve white out and a typewriter, or reopening the file (if you were able to save it). If the change involves dollar amounts, things can get a bit tricky because the Affidavits, in particular, usually involve categorizing, subtotaling and totaling monetary amounts. With web forms you’ll need to hunt down all the dependent fields and continuation pages and update their totals. All manually. This reduces efficiency in a big way. With UDRF2, by contrast, you simply reopen the file, make the change and hit the print button. It takes only seconds. All the affidavits and forms are in one file and all mathematically dependent fields are updated automatically and instantaneously.

Dodge Internet Problems. Web forms are subject to the vagaries of the Internet such as file errors (“File Not Found”), web site problems (“Page Not Available”), and Internet issues in general (“Can’t Connect To Internet”). This is never a problem with UDRF2. If your computer’s working, you’re in business.


  • Windows Compatibility. Developed in and optimized for Windows 8, UDRF2 runs in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (64- or 32-bit versions)
  • Mac Version Available. Requires Microsoft's Word for Mac word processor and Mac OSX Version 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9.
  • Open & Save Files To Disk. Unlike many PDF web forms, UDRF2 lets you open and save your client information on your hard drive or network server -- an indispensible feature for making revisions
  • General Information Worksheet for assembling and automatically completing the common, repetitive fields on the various affidavits
  • Auto-Text-Fit. If you've got a bit more information than will fit on a given line, UDRF2 will automatically shrink the font size until the text does fit
  • Auto Updates. UDRF2 checks for updates every time it starts. If an update is available it let's you know and you decide whether you want to install the update. If you answer "yes," the update downloads and installs automatically. If not, UDRF2 opens and it's business as usual until your next session (Internet required)

Included Documents

  • Affidavit 1. Affidavit of Income and Expenses
  • Affidavit 2. Affidavit of Property
  • Affidavit 3. Parenting Proceeding Affidavit
  • Affidavit 4. Health Insurance Affidavit
  • Affidavit 5. Motion and Affidavit or Counter Affidavit for Temporary Orders Without Oral Hearing
  • Form 6. Complaint for Divorce Without Children
  • Form 7. Complaint for Divorce With Children
  • Form 8. Counterclaim for Divorce
  • Form 9. Answer to Complaint for Divorce Without Children
  • Form 10. Answer to Complaint for Divorce With Children
  • Form 11. Final Judgment for Divorce Without Children
  • Form 12. Final Judgment for Divorce With Children
  • Form 13. Judgment Entry Converting Interest in Real Estate
  • Form 14. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Waiver of Service of Summons
  • Form 15. Judgment Entry of Dissolution of Marriage
  • Form 16. Separation Agreement
  • Form 17. Shared Parenting Plan
  • Form 18. Parenting Plan

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