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Ohio Adoption Forms

The original version of Ohio Adoption Forms (WAdopt) was released in September of 1997. Since then, we've released two major upgrades meaning users received free updates of the program for about 6 years. What other software can boast that?

Available in a Mac Version, but must own Microsoft Word for Mac word processor.

Free Web Forms. If you're curious about the advantages of Adopt4 over the probate court's PDF web forms, click here.


We've done many things that make this new version a good choice for you. It has the ease of flow and user-friendliness you want in a program.  Below is a comprehensive list of the old and new forms in the package.

  • General Information Worksheet
  • Form 18.0 - Petition for Adoption of Minor
  • Form 18.1 - Judgment Entry Setting Hearing & Ordering Notice
  • Form 18.2 - Notice of Hearing on Petition for Adoption
  • Form 18.3 - Consent to Adoption
  • Form 18.4 - Judgment Entry Finding Consent Not Required
  • Form 18.5 - Interlocutory Order of Adoption
  • Form 18.6 - Final Decree of Adoption (after Interlocutory order)
  • Form 18.7 - Final Decree of Adoption (without Interlocutory order)
  • Form 18.8 - Adoption Certificate For Parents
  • Form 18.9 - Petitioner's Account
  • Form 18.9 - Account Continuation Sheet
  • Form 19.0 - Petition for Adoption of Adult
  • Form 19.01 - Judgment Entry Setting Hearing
  • Form 19.1 - Final Order of Adoption of Adult
  • Form 19.2 - Petition to Recognize Foreign Adoption
  • Form 19.3 - Order for Ohio Birth Record for Foreign Born Child
  • Petition of Foreign Adoption
  • Consent to Change Name
  • Affidavit of Adopted Person
  • HEA 2757 - Certificate of Adoption
  • Adoption Expense Worksheet


  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OSX 64- and 32-bit operating systems. Windows: 8, 7, Vista and XP; Mac OSX: 10.9, 10.8 and 10.7.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word although Word is not required.
  • Includes Minor and Adult Adoption Forms. See the complete list of included forms below.
  • The General Information Worksheet assembles common information which WAdopt uses to automatically complete the adoption forms with repetitive information.
  • Auto-Text-Fit. If you've got a bit more information than will fit on a given line, WAdopt will automatically shrink the font size until the text fits.
  • Exports all forms (blank or completed) to your word processor for printing, faxing, emailing or making PDFs (PDF-making functionality dependent on your word processor or owning Adobe Acrobat).
  •  Free upgrades for the life of the program (historically five or so years); upgrades are downloaded and installed automatically (Internet required).


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