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Official Bankruptcy Forms

This Page is Out of Date and Has Been Superseded

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On The Ground Floor

We were one of the first bankruptcy software producers to participate in the original San Diego electronic filing experiment in 1999. At that time, electronic filing was being tested in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California together with a few other selected states, including Texas. Now, a few years later, electronic filing has proved successful by lessening the workload of both the bankruptcy practitioner and the Bankruptcy Court.

When our electronic filing feature was first introduced, only a few jurisdictions were accepting such filings. Now, all courts have recognized the benefits of electronic filing, and more bankruptcy preparers are eager to secure the time, convenience and financial benefits of electronic filing. Official Bankruptcy Forms (WBank) makes electronic filing easy.

Bankruptcy Processing

WBank’s ability to send your bankruptcy petition, including all forms and schedules, to your word processor as a single, editable document opens a lot of doors. Once the forms are in your word processor, you are in control. You can make the final decision about where answers are placed and how they are formatted. If something needs to be changed, you don’t have to think about it. You simply change it. This important new feature gives you the ability to make modifications that may not be possible in the context of WBank itself. With our Send to Word Processor feature, not only can you modify and format your answers, but once the desired form is in your word processor, you can even change the form itself! There’s nothing you can’t change in the familiar comfort of your very own word processor.

When we referred in the preceding paragraph to “opening doors,” we mean that once the completed petition is in your word processor, you send the petition as an email, fax it, make a “dumb” pdf file, or print it. Most current word processors are very powerful in their file-handling capabilities.

With this new feature, you’ll find it’s much easier to get your petition to look the way you want. For those users who prefer to do things the old, tried-and-true way, don’t worry; you can still print any form or batch of forms directly from WBank itself.

PDF-Making Ability

Many users don’t know that Adobe Reader (that is freely distributed) cannot create PDF files. It can only view them. Because WBank comes with its own PDF maker, it does not require additional software. That’s an important fact to know that because Adobe charges about $350 for the new version of Acrobat - the program with the ability to create PDF files.

Another issue to consider is making sure that the PDF capabilities are functional in all 64- and 32-bit versions of Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95).

WBank has the ability to create PDF bankruptcy filings automatically in all 32-bit Windows versions without additional software. WBank guides you step-by-step through the entire file creation process.

Just One Look

The Main Window is your Map Quest roadmap for processing a bankruptcy petition. From top to bottom, from beginning to end, the outline or tree view logically organizes the data entry process by building on information entered in prior levels. Of course, you click on the [+] to the left of the Start Here item to begin. You'll see the first level of sub-items or steps:

1. General Information
2. Voluntary Petition & Exhibits
3. Creditors & Debts
4. Property & Exemptions
5. Statement of Affairs
6. Current Income—Schedule I
7. Current Expenses—Schedule J

Our intention is that you should have a pretty good feel for using the program simply by looking at the Main Window.

Means Test Forms

WBank has all the means test calculation forms and integrates all the extraneous IRS data required for computing the median family income, local and national standards for housing, food, clothing and transportation expenses. Don’t forget that this information changes every 6 months and those upgrades are free until the release of a new major version.

Print-Shop-Perfect Forms

Our printed forms always looked great, but WBank's printed output is unparalleled thanks to new design and layout techniques for rendering the various forms and schedules.

Chapters 7, 11, 12 & 13 - Paying For Each Chapter Individually?

All chapters use the same basic set of "Official Bankruptcy Forms" and WBank prepares them all. Why should the price be any different?

Forms Included

All of the new "official Bankruptcy Forms" are included from Form 1 through Form 23. WBank also includes other various commonly used forms. See the product information page of our web site for a complete list of all the included forms and schedules.

Included Forms (Chaps 7, 11, 12 & 13)

  • Form 1—Voluntary Petition & Exhibit A
  • Form 2—Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury
  • Form 3—Application and Order to Pay Filing Fee …
  • Form 4—List of Creditors Holding 20 Largest Unsecured ...
  • Form 5—Involuntary Petition with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6—Summary of Schedules
  • Form 6A—Real Property with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6B—Personal Property with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6C—Exempt Property with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6D—Secured Creditor's Claims with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6E—Unsecured Priority Creditors with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6F—Unsecured Nonpriority Creditors with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6G—Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases with cont pgs.
  • Form 6H—Codebtors with continuation pgs.
  • Form 6I—Current Income of Individual Debtors
  • Form 6J—Current Expenditures (joint and/or separate schedules)
  • Schedule of Monthly Income & Expenses of Business Debtor
  • Form 6 Cont—Declaration Concerning Debtor's Schedules
  • Form 7—Statement of Financial Affairs
  • Form 8—Individual Debtor's Statement of Intention
  • Forms 9A thru 9I—Notice of Commencement
  • Form 10—Proof of Claim
  • Forms 11A & 11B—Powers of Attorney
  • Form 12—Order and Notice for Hearing on Disclosure Statement
  • Form 13—Order Approving Disclosure Statement
  • Form 14—Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Plan
  • Form 15—Order Confirming Plan
  • Form 17—Notice of Appeal
  • Form 18—Discharge of Debtor
  • Form 19—Certification and Signature of Non-Attorney
  • Form 20A—Notice of Motion or Objection
  • Form 20B—Notice of Objection to Claim
  • Form 21—Statement of Social Security Number
  • Creditor's Matrix—OCR & Electronic
  • B201—Notice to Consumers
  • B203—Disclosure of Compensation

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