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Ohio Minor's Claims & Wrongful Death

Now in Windows & Mac Versions

WMinor contains all the wrongful death and minor's claims probate forms that comprise Section 14 of the Standard Probate Forms as promulgated in Rules 51 and 52 of the Supreme Courts Rules for the Superintendence of Common Pleas Courts. WMinor has been completely rewritten with your ease-of-use in mind. This new version has automatic continuation schedules for all the forms that need it. You'll find a complete list below. Like many of our other programs, WMinor is designed with networks in mind, making it possible to centrally locate your client files for easy backup and file synchronization. WMinor takes care of all the calculations and prints professional-looking forms and schedules that are in full compliance with the Ohio Supreme Court's typographical specifications for probate forms.

When you have a winning formula, you don't make changes. All calculations, transfer of common information, and waivers and consents complete themselves automatically. We've not only included standard forms, but we've included automated retainer agreements and self-compiling lists for medical, suit expenses and other expenses.

Free Web Forms. If you're curious about the advantages of WMinor5 over the probate court's PDF web forms, click here.


This new version sports the new look and feel without changing the way users have worked for years in prior versions. To many of the fields (nearly all of the overrideable fields) we've added dynamic help buttons which tell you where information or amounts are being transferred from. We've also added more automatic field completion which makes things easier and quicker for you. So, with more than enough programming changes and user-suggestions accumulated over the years, we did more than simply put a new wrapper on an old program. Here's a comprehensive list of the included forms.


  • Form 14.0 - Application to Approve Settlement & Distribution
  • Form 14.0 - Continuation page for spouse, children, parents and kin
  • Form 14.0 - Continuation page for survival claimants
  • Form 14.01 - Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice
  • Form 14.1 - Waiver and Consent 
  • Form 14.1 - Waiver and Consent Continuation Page
  • Form 14.2 - Entry Approving Settlement and Distribution
  • Form 14.2 - Continuation page for distribution orders
  • Form 14.3 - Report of Distribution
  • Form 14.3 - Continuation page for net proceeds to beneficiaries 
  • Form 14.4 - Entry Approving Report of Distribution


  • Form 15.7 - Application for Authority to Expend Funds


  • Form 22.0 - Application to Settle a Minor's Claim
  • Form 22.01 - Entry Setting Hearing
  • Form 22.1 - Waiver and Consent
  • Form 22.1 - Waiver and Consent Continuation Page
  • Form 22.2 - Entry Approving Settlement
  • Form 22.3 - Verification of Receipt and Deposit
  • Form 22.3 - Verification of Receipt and Deposit Continuation Page
  • Form 22.4 - Report of Distribution


  • General Information Worksheet
  • Settlement Accounting Worksheet
  • Time & Services Worksheet
  • List of Medical Expenses & Proposed Payees
  • List of Medical Expenses & Proposed Payees Continuation Page
  • List of Suit Expenses
  • List of Suit Expenses Continuation Page
  • List of Time & Services - Exhibit for Application
  • List of Time & Services - Continuation Page
  • Retainer Agreement
  • Application for Attorney Fees
  • Judgment Entry for Attorney Fees


  • Developed in and optimized for Windows 8 and Mac OSX (although WMinor runs in most 64- or 32-bit version of Windows (i.e., Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista) This program is not compatible with Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows.
  • Automatic form completion - for the most part, you complete our worksheets, and WMinor completes the probate forms itself including both text and mathematical computations
  • Time & Services Worksheet for the automatic computation of attorney fees including preparation of the Application for Attorney Fees and Judgment Entry
  • Exports all forms to your word processor for printing, faxing, emailing, interlineating or making PDFs (PDF-making functionality dependent on your word processor or owning Adobe Acrobat). Don't let this throw you, WMinor can also print any and all of its forms in picture-perfect shape, ready for filing, directly to your printer without using your word processor or any other software. It's stand alone. Word processor compatibility is a matter of convenience not necessity.
  • Auto-Text-Fit. If you've got a bit more information than will fit in a given space, WMinor will automatically shrink the font size until the text fits
  • Network Versions Available at big discounts. Everyone in the office can share the same set of files and backups can be performed from one location
  • Download future upgrades from WMinor Help menu (Internet required).

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