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Living Trust & Estate Planner

Living Trust & Estate Planner-Version 3  (Trust3) merges the wizard and document windows of prior versions. Now you see the entire document in a single scrollable window and all the editable fields are ready and waiting. That in itself would make Version 3 a valuable document preparation tool, but Version 3 goes quite a bit further:

Document Automation Features:

Version 3 of Living Trust & Estate Planner merges the wizard and document windows of the prior versions. Now you see the entire document in a single scrollable window and all the editable fields are ready and waiting. That in itself would make Version 3 a valuable document preparation tool, but Version 3 goes quite a bit further:


Each client file is built around the Personal Information Worksheet and Child Worksheet. Because the worksheet data is part of almost every document, it is transferred automatically.

Global Variables

Trust3 has a set of variables that are common to almost every document, i.e., attorney name and address. The entire set set of global variables can be transferred to any document at the click of button.

Setting Defaults

If you've used any of our applications, you should be familiar with the default file already. It's a file Trust3 uses to start files when you use the New command. The default file allows you to set a value for every field of every document. It's handy for values that don't typically change from client to client, but may vary from document to document.

Modifying Templates

Trust3 lets you customize documents for your law office. A particular document often changes from one law office to he next based on local custom and practice. Trust3 allows you to change the document templates, so if, for example, you always use special language in your revocable living trusts, you may easily insert your handcrafted clauses. You will use Microsoft Word to do the editing, so there's no need to leave familiar territory. When you're done, every new document you create will have your language in it.

These features give you a formidable tool for preparing estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, living wills, durable power of attorneys, health care power of attorneys, HIPPA forms, DNRs and more. You can concentrate on content instead of formatting and editing. Speaking of formatting, every document in Trust3 has been re-formatted for better handling of widows, orphans*, and page break placement.

The few programs that attempt to do all these things are considerably more complicated than most law office would like. In addition, the cost of some of these programs -- at the entry level -- is $800! A good rule we tend follow is that if you visit their web site and you can't find the price, it's not worth pursuing. Trust3 doesn't require you to learn a system. Simply tab from field to field, make your on-screen entries, and press the Print button. All previewing and printing is done in an application you're probably intimately familiar with--Microsoft Word.

No Monthly/Annual Fees; Technical Support Expenses or Other Additional Costs

For uses of Version 2 which came with free upgrades for 6 years, that works out to about $1 per month; actually $21.67 per year. Not a bad price for hundreds of pages of essential estate planning documents.

Word Processor Compatibility

Trust3 has you do all your formatting, previewing and printing in your own word processor. For attorneys who touch-type and for all legal secretaries, this is a major convenience because law office computing is approximately 90% word processing. So what could be more comfortable and user-friendly than to use your own word processor to format and print Trust3 documents? Character formatting such as Old English fonts, special formatting and editing in general, including spell checking and grammar checking, is all a piece of cake once you're in Microsoft Word. The link between Trust3 and Microsoft Word is seamless and invisible. Just click the Trust3's Print button. Due to the use of sophisticated formatting commands, Trust3 is not compatible with WordPerfect or Open Office.

The Problem and the Solution

Living trust software seems to fall into two categories: generic forms that are essentially useless and complicated packages designed to plan the estates of the rich and famous. If you're looking for trust software for your typical small to medium-sized law office that services ordinary people, you'll have to look long and hard and you probably won't find anything! We spent hours on the Internet and found zilch.

Trust3 was created to fill the chasm between these two extremes. It's an extraordinary program designed for ordinary estates. Trust3 does not stop with the trust forms. It also contains many of the complimentary documents that are necessary or useful in completing the estate plan. See the complete list below.

Click here to see our YouTube demonstration video.

List of Integrated Documents


  • Personal Information

  • Children

  • Tangible Personal Property

  • Real Property

  • Business Interests

  • Bank Accounts

  • Stocks & Bonds

  • Insurance

  • Retirement

  • Miscellaneous

Planning Documents:

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Revocable Credit Shelter/Marital Trust

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

  • Irrevocable QTIP Trust

  • Irrevocable Discretionary Trust

  • Irrevocable Qualified Personal Residence Trust

  • Simple Will

  • Pour Over Will

  • Durable Power of Attorney

    • Notice to Principal

    • Notice to Agent/Attorney

  • HIPAA Authority

  • Health Care Power of Attorney

  • Living Will Declaration

  • Do Not Resuscitate Order

Transfer Documents:

  • Bill of Transfer to Trust

  • Anatomical Gift

  • Inter Vivos Gift

  • Deed of Gift

  • Acceptance of Gift

  • Renunciation of Gift

  • Transfer on Death Designation Affidavit

  • Warranty Deed with Survivorship

Additional Features

     Ghost Prompts. Each document field that you're responsible for completing contain light gray text that give you an example of the information that expected. Ghost prompts can be turned on and off in Options menu.

  • Balloon Hints. If the ghost prompts aren't enough, each editable field has a help button you can click for a bit of additional information about what goes in that field.

    On-Line Resources. Many of the documents (i.e., all of the trusts) have an on-line resource page that provides helpful information about that document--simple double click on the document in the Main Window's tree view.

    Windows Copy/Paste Compatibility. If you have a lengthy legal description in your word processor, you  can utilize Trust3's Copy/Paste functions to copy and paste to or from any Windows program.

  • Quick Keys. For entering things like today's date (<Ctrl><T>) or an underline (<Ctrl><L>).

  • Tool Bar. Not that you don't have the menu bar and pop-up menus for performing common functions, we've included a tool bar to provide one-click implementation of most common program commands.

  • Pop-Up Menus. Right-click your mouse to access pop-up menus for common functions like saving files, starting new files and previewing and printing documents.


    Living Trust and Estate Planner--Version 3 (Trust3) is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OSX Versions 10.8 and higher. Microsoft Word is required for both the Windows and Mac versions.

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