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Installation/Upgrade Instructions


Windows Users. If you are downloading a program for the first time, you will be taken through the InstallShield Wizard screens that guide you through the installation process. If you are downloading an upgrade (it is not the first installation), the notification of the availability of a free upgrade, downloading and installation of the program is automatic. Like the initial download you will again be guided through the installation process by the InstallShield Wizard. Windows users will not use the instructions following on this page.

Apple/Mac Owners. Downloading your purchase is accomplished by following the instructions contained in the email that you received. You can follow these instructions for the initial installation, and although downloading a free update is automatic, Mac security restrictions will require that you follow these installation instructions because you are not purchasing it from the Mac App Store. For a list of Mac-compatible software see our Order Form and look for the products designated with an "M."

Mac/Apple Instructions

1. If you're performing a free upgrade .... When you start your program, if there is an upgrade available, you will be notified and asked whether you wish to download the upgrade. Begin the download process by clicking on the Yes button. Users purchasing the program and downloading for the first time should ignore this step. Instead, as mentioned above, you'll initiate the download using the instructions and password contained in the email you receive after you make your purchase.

2. Authorizing the Download. Because our Mac apps are not distributed through the App Store, they are subject to a few extra security steps. GateKeeper, the Apple download security system, comes set by default to allow downloads from the "App Store and Identified Developers." Our latest programs are code signed and therefore GateKeeper will allow you to install them, however, you will be required to "authorize" the download for security purposes. In most instances this will require you to click on an Allow button before installation. In other cases, click the Apple System menu (the Apple in the upper left part of your screen) and select System Preferences. Then click on the Security and Privacy icon. On the Security and Privacy page, click on the lock icon in the lower left part of the page and change the "Allow apps download from" setting to "Anywhere." This authorizes your download to proceed. Make sure you reset your security setting after the program is installed.

2. Note that Apple's download progress notification is easy to miss and sometimes doesn't appear at all. In the case of the child support program, the download is about 10 MB in size so be prepared to wait the appropriate amount of time. Note that because of the inclusion of Ohio Department of Taxation OCR forms in Ohio Fiduciary Tax, the disk image download is near 25 MB.

3. When the download is complete go to the Downloads folder. If your Mac is set to place downloads in a different location, go to that alternate location. Some Mac users, for example, have their computers set to place downloads directly on the desktop. You should see a file named programshortname.dmg. Most versions of Mac OS have a Downloads folder in Finder 9 or a Downloads icon on the dock at the bottom of the screen. If you are downloading a free upgrade (and not a first time purchase), installation of the downloaded pkg should occur automatically.

4. If you're downloading for the first time and if you're a veteran Mac user you probably already know what to do. Click on or "mount" the disk image file (programshortname.dmg for example). Alternately, you may right-click on the programshortname.dmg file and select Open With, then Disk Image Mounter. You may be asked to verify your intention to open the disk image because the program was not purchased from the App Store - answer appropriately.

5. Next, open Finder and you should see ProgramShortName (by way of example) as a device in the Devices section of the window (left, bottom). Click on the ProgramShortName device and the application bundle should appear on the right side of the screen.

6. Drag the application bundle and drop it in the Applications folder on the left side of the screen (in the Favorites section above the Devices section already mentioned). Note that if you're upgrading (and not doing your initial install on purchase), you'll be asked whether you wish to replace the existing Answer Yes. Again, you may be asked to verify your intention to install the application in the Application folder because the program was not purchased from the App Store - answer appropriately.

You're finished. To start the program, click on the Applications folder, find the application ( and double-click on it.


Previewing and Printing Forms. How you preview and print forms and documents depends on your operating system. If you have Windows your application will use either Microsoft Word or WordPad. If you have Mac you must have Microsoft Word for Mac

If you've upgraded to Sierra, you may find that your Mac will not allow you to run downloaded applications. Click here to find out how to enable GateKeeper's options.

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