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Ohio Guardianship Forms

Compatibility - Windows & Mac

Windows - Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP. Microsoft may have abandoned Windows XP users, but we haven't. This new version of OGF6 has the look and feel of a modern Windows interface (i.e., glow effects, screen fade-ins, color gradients, etc.), yet it still retains compatibility with Windows XP including all the bells and whistles! See the screen illustration below.

Mac - Versions 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.10 (). This is our sixth Mac release and we're continuing the tradition of making each one better than the one before. Note that the Mac version requires that you have Microsoft Word for Mac installed.

Compare the Web Forms

The court's web forms are okay if you're a lay person doing it yourself, but it's an inefficient and unprofessional waste of time for a law office. If you don't already know why, read the article that is linked in the following paragraph.

Free Web Forms. If you're curious about the advantages of OGF6 over the probate court's PDF web forms, click here.

Seeing Is Believing

Not only is OGF6 compatible with every operating system found in today's law office, but it looks great on monitors of every size. A program that looks good is a pleasure to work with. It makes your work easier and better. OGF6 has got it all. Click here to see an illustration of what it will look like on your computer. A picture's worth a thousand words.

If you're at all interested in OGF6, clicking on the following link is a must! Click here to see the opening screen illustration and example  worksheets in a pdf format .


  • Import Version 5 Files. If you've got pending guardianships entered in Version 5, you can open them in Version 6 and never look back.
  • Attorney Fees. OGF6 keeps track of your time and services rendered to the guardianship estate and can prepare an Application for Attorney Fees with supporting itemized statement of time and services.
  • One click access to on-line stock valuations (your own Internet Service is required).
  • One click access to on-line mutual fund valuations (again, your own Internet Service is required).
  • Conservatorships - including Forms 20.0—20.2.
  • (NEW) Completely revised worksheets for handling financial information; cleaner and more USER-FRIENDLY to use than ever before.
  •  Auto-Text-Fit. If you've got a bit more information than will fit on a given line, OGF6 will automatically shrink the font size until the text does fit.
  • Exports all forms to your word processor for printing, faxing, emailing, spell-checking, grammar-checking or making PDFs (functionality dependent on your word processor).
  • Upgrades are not only free for Version 5, they're automatic! When an update is available, OGF6 will let you know. Then, you can decide whether you want to download and install it at any particular time of your choosing.

Don't Repeat This!

Repetition is Wasteful. The basic principle and advantage of OGF6 is that you enter general information only once. OGF6 automatically completes the forms based on your initial entries (i.e., guardian and ward's name, address, etc.). Enter assets and expenses once. Send the entries to the appropriate forms (i.e., inventory, appraisal, applications, etc.) by pointing and clicking. That means you are only required to enter lengthy descriptions, like real estate legal descriptions, one time. You direct your financial entries to the various forms by pointing and clicking.

Virtually Unlimited Form Copies and Continuation Schedules. OGF6 permits you to complete, display and print nearly limitless multiples of most waivers, notices, bank certificates, etc. The same goes for the continuation pages of the inventory and accounting forms.

We've made OGF6 easier to use and learn than ever before. In fact, if you've used any of our probate programs, you know how to use OGF6 already! Instruction manual and on-line help is only a click away.


OGF6 has a network friendliness that permits centralized file-keeping and file sharing.

List Of Included Forms

  • General Information Worksheet
  • Form 15.0 - Next of Kin of Proposed Ward
  • Form 15.01 - Judgment Entry Setting Hearing on Application for Appointment of Guardian
  • Form 15.1 - Waiver of Notice
  • Form 15.2 - Fiduciary's Acceptance
  • Form 15.3 - Guardian's Bond
  • Form 15.4 - Letters of Guardianship
  • Form 15.5 - Guardian's Inventory
  • Form 15.5 - Inventory Continuation Page
  • Form 15.6 - Application to Release Funds to Guardian
  • Form 15.7 - Application for Authority to Expense Funds
  • Form 15.8 - Guardian's Account
  • Form 15.8 - Account Continuation Page
  • Form 15.8 - Funds/Assets Continuation Page
  • Form 15.81 - Bank Certificate
  • Form 15.9 - Oath of Guardian
  • Form 16.0 - Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor
  • Form 16.1 - Affidavit
  • Form 16.2 - Selection of Guardian by Minor Over 14 Years of Age
  • Form 16.3 - Notice of Hearing on Appointment of Guardian of Minor
  • Form 16.4 - Notice of Hearing on Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor
  • Form 16.5 - Judgment Entry Appointment of Guardian of Minor
  • Form 17.0 - Application for Appointment of Guardian of Alleged Incompetent
  • Form 17.1 - Statement of Expert Evaluation
  • Form 17.2 - Consent by Prospective Ward
  • Form 17.3 - Notice to Prospective Ward of Application and Hearing
  • Form 17.4 - Notice of Hearing for Appointment of Guardian of Alleged Incompetent
  • Form 17.5 - Judgment Entry Appointment of Guardian of Alleged Incompetent
  • Form 17.7 - Guardian's Report
  • Form 17.8 - Investigator's Report
  • Form 20.0 - Application for Appointment of Conservator
  • Form 20.01 - Judgment Entry - Appointment of Conservator
  • Form 20.2 - Letters of Conservatorship
  • Form 27.0 - Notice to Guardian-Submission of Comments or Complaints
  • Form 27.1 - Notice to Guardian & Maker of Comments - Disposition
  • Form 27.2 - Notification of Compliance with Guardian Education Requirements
  • Form 27.3 - Notice of /Application for Change of Address
  • Form 27.4 - Entry on Application to Change Address of Ward
  • Form 27.5 - Annual Registration - Guardian with Ten or More Wards
  • Form 27.6 - Annual Fee Schedule
  • Form 27.7 - Annual Guardianship Plan - Person
  • Form 27.8 - Annual Guardianship Plan - Estate
  • Form 27.9 - Application to Terminate Guardianship
  • Form 27.10 - Notification of Guardian's Receipt of Fees Other Than Guardianship
  • Form 27.11 - Notification of Ward's Important Legal Papers
  • Form 27.12 - Guardian Receipt
  • Computation of Guardian's Fees
  • Application for Attorney's Fees
  • Judgment Entry for Attorney's Fees
  • Asset/Receipt/Income Worksheet
  • Expense/Debt/Disbursement Worksheet
  • Time & Services Worksheet

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